Cost Effective

The number of actual sites participating would decline, which would reduce site setup, monitoring and associated costs

Increased Patient Enrollment

Patients with mobility issues can participate

Reduced Patient Dropouts

Due to less frequent site visits and digital and automated data collection, the dropout rate would decline

ClinVigilant® is a clinical trial management solution which tracks the journey of the patient in a single platform
  • Digitizes The Clinical Trial Process For Patients, Sites And Sponsors

  • Enables Remote Trial Conduct and Supports Remote Site-Patient Interactions (Video & Text Chats)

  • Creates Audit Trails Of Every Interaction And Data Exchange

  • Real Time Data, Compliance and Status View Across All Relevant Roles

  • Facilitates Remote Monitoring Of The Clinical Trial

Patient eConsent
  • E2E consent workflow
  • Multimedia learning
  • Digital signature
  • Flexible configuration
Patient Engagement
  • Visits tracking
  • Medication compliance
  • Adverse events alerts
  • Motivate and Engage
Patient Data Capture
  • eDiaries / Questionnaires
  • Devices, Wearables
  • 3rd Party data (e.g., Lab)
  • Surveys

ClinVigilant® Platform Capabilities

Digital consent management

Empowering patients

  • Layered/Tiered consent
  • Ability to withdraw consent anytime

Automated Reconsent management with immediate alert as soon as new information is available

Tracking & document version management

Process administration flexibility

  • Remote / at site
  • Digital / paper process
  • Electronic / Wet Ink signature

Educational information
for better comprehension of consent information (key word tagged)

  • Glossary / Videos / Document / Images

auto-generate eTMF related logs / forms

Knowledge and comprehension of the consent information

Omnichannel communication
for additional clarifications / information ask

  • Text / Video chat

Visits management

  • Visits overview
  • Calendar integration
  • Visit preparation information
  • Scheduling and rescheduling site visits
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Visit completion tracking
  • Out of window visit alerts
  • Unscheduled visits tracker

Trials medication management

  • Reminders
  • Consumption data collection
  • Missed dose alerts
  • Refill reminders

Tracking & document version management

Study related activities management
(e.g., diaries, PRO completion, dietary restrictions, sample collection) for optimum data quality

  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Completion tracking
  • Missed activities alerts


  • Auto-generate eTMF related logs / forms

Trial specific education

  • Consent related updates
  • Current clinical trial updates
  • General information on trials and related materials

Motivate and maintain compliance

  • Site visit logistics management
  • Gamification
  • Status reports
  • App messages
  • Access to self health data

Secure omnichannel communication

  • Text chat / Emails / In app notifications / Video chat


  • Standardised and tailor made communication plans
  • Progress and performance assessment
  • Care instructions
  • Wellness and Prevention Guides
  • Site team contact directory
  • Services contact directory
  • Nearest healthcare services e.g., pharmacy

Adverse Event

  • Alert by patient to Investigator

Patient generated data

  • Patient diaries
  • Questionnaires including QoL
  • Disease and behaviour management diaries
  • Surveys
  • Symptom assessments by self
  • Images and videos
  • End of trial surveys

Data capture

  • Devices
  • Apps
  • Wearable
  • Lab/3rd parties

Trials medication management

  • Reminders
  • Consumption data collection

Care coordination

  • Between visits care Telemedicine
  • Virtual assistance and coaching
  • Real time direct data collection
  • Early detection of abnormalities